New York To Allow People Buried Next To Pets

The New York state legislature is heavily infected with screwball liberals.  Like California, the laws that come out of their joint asses are often absurd and always wrong and reflect the bleeding edge of secular socialism.

And so it goes this week for people and their pets because now pet cemeteries in New York can accept the cremated remains of human beings who want to be buried with their cats, dogs, hamsters and parakeets.

And the ultimate merging of pet and owner - one looney-tunes, pictured left, wants her ashes fed to her pet Chihuahua.  Presuming of course she goes before the little sofa-soaker goes.  Given the expression on that dog's face it prolly knows.

“People do get a sense of comfort from knowing they can lie for eternity with their beloved pet, that they can be loved and protected in the afterlife just as faithfully as when they were alive,” attorney Taylor York said.

Well, it's true millions, maybe billions of people hold their pets in higher esteem than other people. Still, being fed or buried with one is a new bottom - even for those that wish they were born pets themselves..