Marijuana Grower Decapitated By Own Booby Trap

The Yosemite (Rim) fire soon to become California's biggest was likely started by the state's drug cartels.

So when a Frajo farmer falls into a booby trap of their own making, well, let's just say its all about Karma baby.

Daniel Ricketts, 50, got loaded and drove his ATV into a piano wire trap he set himself around his crop of weed. The wire sliced Dan's head off like cleaver through a hot dog.

Ironically, Ricketts was doing the dope dealie on Saw Mill Rd.

The middle-aged Ganja grower liked to set traps. The idiot had dozens of them in his Pakaloco patch made of barbed wire similar to devices used to nail coyotes.

So all you pot heads out there - light one up for dumb Danny Rickets.  He's not lighting one up for you, though.