Journalism Professor Tweets NRA Death Wish

The Navy Yard shooting gave liberals yet another chance to prove to the country what reactionary, blathering, uninformed, emotionally driven wrecks they are and why noone should trust them.

Before the first facts were known, they're duplicitous media proclaimed that an AR-15 was used.  And that the NRA was to blame..

The black shooter at the Navy Yard turned out to be a psychotic, isolated loner, hearing voices, obsessed with violent video games, and armed with a shotgun. 

Was he a member of the NRA?  No. He was a trusted civilian with security clearances and an Obama voter!

But David Guth, who teaches journalism at Kansas University decided to open his laptop and and take a poop all over his Twitter account before ferreting out the facts.

The little Twitter bomb stuck Guth's fat ass in a chair at home this week - suspended from his job.

Goonie Guth is a poster knucklehead for all the gun control weenies out there who are desperate to leave innocent civilians defenseless against armed guys like the Navy shooter.