DNC Chair Freaks Over Colorado Recalls

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz says the recall elections of Colorado state senators John Morse (D) and Angela Giron (D) are "a blatant attack on our Democratic principles."

A lap-licking-liberal, Schultz zaps those who say life begins at conception as ‘extreme and radical.’ 

Debbie is also an Obama butt-licker, her convenient lack of memory regarding all of Obama's failures got her the job as DNC chair.

Once in the chair she went on Meet The Press claiming the GOP wanted to kill grandma and strip her Medicare benefits despite the fact that it is Obama and the Dems that stole $500 billion from the fund.

Debbie Screwball-Schultz complains the recall is about out-of-state groups funding and working the effort. . But the truth, of course, is the exact opposite.  Out-of-state groups and individuals are taking sides with Morse and Giron.  For example, Obama's Organizing for Action operatives are running Giron's office, and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has donated $350,000 to help Morse and Giron fight the recall effort.

Really?  Oh, well nevermind then.