Bump In The Night? Send The Wife...

A survey of 2000 married men and women conducted by Yale Security uncovered what people fear and who gets out of bed to deal with it.

A quarter of the men said they pretend to be asleep when they hear a threatening noise in the house. And one in five con the wife into checking it out rather than take the brave walk themselves.

So it's not surprising that a third of these men say their wives are 'braver' than they are and admit they hide behind her skirts when confronted with danger.

Forty percent of all respondents said they had heard such noises in their houses in the middle of the night.

And since two thirds of the women and just half the men admit they check locks on doors and windows before hitting the sack is it any wonder these same couples get into a fight when one demands the other go check again?

Just imagine all the anxiety and fear people could avoid if they just bought a shotgun and learned how to use it?