Shock: Men Think Sex Women Think Chocolate

In the 'gee tell me what I don't already know' department yet another mundane study has figured out men think about sex more than women, in fact twice as often.

No, contrary to urban myth men don't ponder sex stuff every 7 seconds, but they do flash sexual images 34.2 times per day or about every 28 minutes.  Who measures these things, and why?

Psychologists at Ohio State University studied students for the website LoveHoney. How young adults age 18-25 represent all of us isn't in question, but the results seem to paint a pretty grim picture for males.

Women get their sex dealie going about 16 times a day and flash food pictures at about the same rate. Men get food on the brain 25 times a day. So males spending a lot of time pondering sex and food and women are worried about getting sleep next to a guy that has an overheated brain full of sex fantasies boiling over next to her.

So as you saunter down the street and catch a glimpse of some guy with a dog-food-eating-grin on his face you'll know what's going on and can adjust your foot path accordingly.