Pregnancy Test Scam Hits Craigslist

Pregnant women are placing ads on Craigslist peddling their positive pregnancy tests for $20 bucks a pop.  Why?

The ads suggest the 'product' could be used as a faux pregnancy tool to fool a boyfriend into a marriage proposal, or to scare the begeezus out of parents and friends.

'I'm pregnant and will sell you my positive pregnancy test for $20,' a NY lady writes,. 'I don't care what you need them for.'

And there are buyers.

One LA woman offers $20 for one of the tests 'to make a video on teen pregnancy.'

Another jilted Texas buyer has revenge in her head.  Seems her 'ex-boyfriend' told her he got his receptionist pregnant.  No doubt paternity suits will result from this nefarious exchange of goodies..

Craigslist is also the place where women are selling frozen breast milk for $1 per ounce.  And a bag of drug-free urine can be had for a fee too.

What's next - packets of chest hair or bottles of toe-jam?  If the human body can make it, someone no doubt will try to sell it on Craigslist.