New Mexico: Christian Photographer Must Snap Gays

The New Mexico Supreme Court ruled a photographer MUST take pictures at gay-marriage ceremonies.

Elane Huguenin owns Elane Photography. Her speciality is to make a series of photos capturing a story of her customers events. Elane is also a devout Christian.

In 2006, lesbian Vanessa Willock wanted to hire Elane to photograph her and her lesbian partner. Elane declined the business. She should have left it at that but she told Vanessa her refusal was based on her religious beliefs.

Willock filed a complaint against Elane with the New Mexico Human Rights Commission. The commission ruled Elane’s decision illegal, and imposed a fine of $7,000.

After ruling against Elane court lectured her on morals and public duty. That's outrageous in itself.  But since when does the government DICTATE who'll be served by a business? Markets decide what gets made and who will buy the goods, not the stinking government! 

The last time a person had to sell their labor to others by force it was called slavery.