Nancy Pelosi Sucker Punches California

Pelosi wants Jerry Brown to declare the entire state of California a sanctuary for illegal aliens and any other miscreants. 

California is a rogue state defying federal laws (marijuana, illegals) they don't like. 

Pelosi and twenty-eight other California Democrat congress-persons sent a letter to Brown telling him to sign a bill working it's way through the Demotard controlled California Assembly.

The bill written by knucklehead Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) limits local cops from helping the feds capture and deport illegals.  In real words, it stops local cops from doing their jobs, and it makes the job of going after illegals harder for the feds.

California is little more than a scuttled ship of state, now.  The place will soon be Norte Mexico.  And Nancy Pelosi will be first in line hiring illegals to do her laundry and yard work.

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