Condo Rules Block Sales To Couples 'Living In Sin'

Federal laws prevent discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual preference or race.  But private communities can still block owners from selling to anyone who is poor, has HIV, has a pet, is a nudist, or is unmarried.

Fair?  You be the judge.

Any couple not married or are parties in a domestic partnership, no matter what their sexual orientation, will not be allowed to move into Casa Di Amici Condo in Venice, Florida.

“To me, this is discriminatory,” Mary Greenwood, an attorney. “[But] “there’s nothing illegal or contrary to federal, state or local ordinances [in their policies].”

That's correct Mary. CCRs (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions) are the litany of goodies you agree to obey in many communities.  Some even require a monthly fee be paid to buy security and common area maintenance.

Other fun ones are: No poisoning, shooting, trapping or molesting the wildlife or neighbors kids. No pet monkeys, parakeets or large snakes. No peeing outside, even in your own yard. No burning of old tires or medical waste. And don't even think about having a party.

Don't like it? Then don't move there.