Climate Change Rally Draws Zero People

Climate Change is getting colder for cult members.  Unlike the postal service, when a rally gets called and it's raining, well, the little greenie-rat-bastards stay home.

Organizing For Action (OFA) is a spin-off from the 2012 Obama campaign.  No doubt OFA got their IRS paperwork handled in smart fashion.

OFA like other left-wing groups is filled with liberal goons and cry-babies.  Naturally one of their reasons to exist is to be part of the green fascism that's been poking it's head out regularly from under Obama regime rocks.

OFA's  'Climate Change' rally was to take place in Georgetown, VA yesterday.  And it was held, the problem? Not one warm body showed up.  Not even a news crew.

OFA is tasked with diverting attention from Obama's failed economic policies.  So far, they've tried, and failed to get anyone to show up to any of their rallys.  Last week it was on Obamacare, they got a dozen for that one.  This week its Global Warming and none showed.

It may be time for OFA to fade away like the Occupy bowel-movement.  The little farting sound won't be heard, not even if it's done in a forest where no one will be there to hear it.

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