Chinese Wife Boils Husband In Pressure Cooker

In the olden days before China's re-rise to world power it was Britain that seemed to turn out crazy stories.  But lately the best the Brits got is to refuse to join Obama in his tidy little Syrian war.

A cop in Anhui province's Lu'an City confirmed a women has turned herself in after she allegedly drugged and tortured her husband for three days in June in retaliation for a long history of domestic abuse.

The lady confessed she murdered, chopped-up the debauched corpse and cooked what remained in a pressure cooker (no, not a rice cooker) in order to hide her tracks.  But then got a bad case of guilty conscience and turned herself in before the cops got a whiff of the crime.

Looks like guys in China better start behaving and bring home a smile once in a while or have to sleep with one eye open all night.