China Passes Sloppy Peeing Law

How's your aim?  If you travel to China and find yourself in a public toilet make sure you shoot straight or your wallet will end up $17 lighter.

The Chinese are going after errant urinaters.

“Such uncouth use of a public toilet will be fined 100 yuan ($17) by authorities” , an unamed city government official yesterday.

The Chinese seem kinda upset over the deal. What passes for social sites in China are abuzz with commentary like, “A number of new civil servant positions will be created. There will be a supervisor behind every urinating person to see whether the pee is straight,” wrote guy wrote. In China such criticism usually results in a jail sentence or worse.

But the guy has a point. Who and how will the law be enforced? Will there be an ID card and a camera in the mix? And what about the ladies? Could this crap come to the USA?

Way too many questions, and far too little time. Prolly gonna just have to put up with the smell for now.