Anthropologist Says Strip Clubs Save Marriages

Katherine Frank a DC based anthropologist worked six years as a stripper researching for her just published book G-Strings and Sympathy: Strip Club Regulars and Male Desire.

The book is actually her Ph.D. dissertation. And her chief conclusion is strip clubs save marriages.

Though she says strip clubs are good for marriage she apparently won't allow her own husband into one because regular visits cost a lot.  If Kathy's husband wants a stripper he's gonna have to settle her, after all she does have six years on the pole.

Kathy says she discovered men are fine with fat-asses, cellulite, tiny boobs, all races, creeds, colors, and foot sizes.

Men in the clubs according to her research are 'victims' of the 'sex culture.' Straining to translate the Angle guesses she means men have trouble getting their wives to ride on their laps like wet seals, moaning and groaning while simultaneously getting dressed for work, and wiping the kids asses.

Poor, poor pitiful men.

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