Test Tube Burger Tastes Like Real Thing

Skip the bull and go directly to muscle cells. The lofty hamburger patty will soon be grown in vats of squishy sinew and chemical baths full of fetal calf serum.

Science wants fast-fooders to have their Whopper but not at the expense of animal suffering. And they think they can grow the meat cheaper and with less stink than a cow can.

The catch? Will people eat it...

Even the name's creepy.  How about some In-Vitro prime rib to go with that Caesar salad?  Early output in the Netherlands say the crap tastes as good as the real thing. Oh yea, then may the Dutch dine with glee.

Lab grown beef isn't the only horror the white coat wearing Frankenchefs are cooking up. They also wanna turn rat teeth into human dentures growing them from human stem cells.

Great...fetal calf serum burgers gnawed-on by rats teeth. Does it really have to be this hard?

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