NRA Shows Off Bra Handgun Holster

Conceal and carry is the ultimate in self-defense and the target of gun-grabbers in all the blue states.

Conceal and carry varies widely among the states from unrestricted to you may as well 'capture and eat a unicorn' chance to carry a gun under your shirt.

Why go through the hassle?.  States with unrestricted and/or 'shall' issue permits are among the lowest in violent crime.  States that hate guns suffer the highest rates of car-jackings, rape, robbery and muggings.

For those evolved states happy to allow residence full 2nd amendment rights the problem of 'how' to conceal and carry is the first hurdle to face after getting the permit.

Handguns are made of steel and are cold, pointee and anglee.  If the gun is hard to carry it won't be carried and that defeats the purpose. Handguns also vary widely in size, caliber, and type of firing action.  Methods of carry range from small belt clips and holsters to leg and ankle strap-ons.  Some even stuff them inside the belt so as to deeply conceal the outline from gawkers or would-be attackers.

For women a gun in a purse is clumsy and slow.  So what are the ladies to do?  How about holstering one between the boobs? A new bra-mounted-holster on display at the NRA convention is a nifty answer to the age-old question.  How best to hide my 38 and 44...

Imagine the armed female grabbed from behind as she quickly spins with gun raised, locked and loaded?  What do you wanna do now punk?  Oh yea, you're gonna get on your knees and wait for a cop now.

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