CA Bullet Train Corruption And Collapse

California is a case study in how a $180 Billion sink-hole, junk bond state can still pretend it has money to blow on a bullet train to nowhere.  Jerry Brown's Abyssus abyssum (road to hell).

The ill-fated, poorly concieved enviro-weenie wet dream was a bad idea when first dreamed-up twenty-five years ago. Since then a bunch of California Demotards managed to get it past the voters, and into the hands of a corrupt bidding process.  But hang on Jaywee...

The California High-Speed Rail Authority has attracted none, zero, nada, zippo, bubkis, not even one private investor to kick in and play the $120 Billion buck game - apparently no one can see a profit down the line.  And that's a deal killer.

So is the rail project a dead man walking? Almost. The state needs federal bucks to buy land.  And the feds won't play unless the state can match the down-the-rat-hole funds they want from the feds.

The land belongs to the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company.  So far, Burlington says no land is for sale - ooops.  So even if Jaywee had the money (he doesn't), and had the land (no sellers), and kept corruption out (he won't) the choo-choo still needs a reason to exist.  And it doesn't.

The CA soap-opera begun in 1850 after a gaggle of drunken cow hands shot up a grupo of Mexican land owners grows grimmer and unabated.  Did we mention the train don't start roll'n till 2030?  By then trains will look like horse and buggies.

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