CA Crime Skyrockets After Prison Release

Gov Moonbeam Brown of CA quickly signed AB109.  Dem politicians called the release of 'non-violent, non-serious, and non-sex offenders' the solution to meeting the Supreme Court's mandate to clean up the states overcrowded and rundown jails.

Sure the state could have solved the problem another way like building more jails and fixing the ones already there.  But that required money.  And CA is bankrupt.  Dems in CA say schooling illegals, and building bullet trains to nowhere trumps public safety.  So the prisoners are pouring back onto the streets.

Many feared the worst, that the so-called non violent criminals would in fact not be so non-violent and crime would spike.  Guess what?

Example 1: David Mulder, 43, was shot and killed by police on Sunday night after stabbing a woman to death in a car. He was released from prison early under realignment.

Example 2: In February, 34-year-old Raoul Leyva was convicted of attempted voluntary manslaughter after beating his girlfriend, 21-year-old Brandy Marie Arreola, nearly to death. Leyva was released early under realignment. He was in prison for beating her before.

The Criminal Justice Legal Foundation reports in the six-month period after realignment, CA’s crime rates rose across the board, including a 7.6% jump in homicides.

Wait a minute, didn't they say non-violent, non-serious offenders? Did the Dems lie? Go figure.

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