Indians Suing Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins are being sued by a couple of  'injuns' again.  Why?   They think 'redskin' is a racial descriptor referring to all American Indians.

If true then the language will have to be purged of white, yellow, melado, chocolate, tanned, brown, 'people of color', black, blue, leathery, gaunt, ashen, platinum, bronze, and pink.  And black rappers will have less lyrics to use.

If somehow the Indian guys win then the teepee flap swings open for others with an axe to grind too. 

Nordics from Sweden, Norway,  and Finland can sue the Minnesota Vikings.  Hispanics can sue the Cleveland Browns.  Indian and Navy chiefs can sue the Kansas City Chiefs.   Ancestors of the minutemen can sue the New England Patriots.  Somali pirates and corporate takeover artists can sue the Oakland Raiders.  Texas ranch hands can sue the Dallas Cowboys.  And the little people once known as 'midgets' can sue the New York Giants.

The Redskins have been fighting this for forty-years.  And will probably have to fight it for another forty because there will always be a few who assume their failure in life is connected to their skin color and not their character.

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