1.3 Billion Abortions Worldwide And Counting

Abortion is barbaric no matter what euphemism you choose. Those advocating, defending, propagating, and practicing it are cynics of the first order.

Over the past forty-years the worldwide aborted body count is well north of a billion.

Speaking of hypocrites. Pelosi and Biden abortion backer CINOs - Catholic In Name Only.  Both in Rome on taxpayer dime attending the papal installation.

The humane way to deal with unwanted pregnancy is to not get pregnant in the first place.  Since some cannot control their carnal impulses or are mature enough to connect penis with pregnancy then sterilization is the proper answer.

Oh no, not sterilization!  The right to an abortion is paramount.  Besides, who decides who to sterilize?  Easy.  Begin by sterilizing repeat offenders - a two strikes law.  On a second abortion, snip, slap, bang - no more chances.  The same would apply to the males.  A repeat inseminator fingered in two abortions gets his tubes cut too.  Before you know it, half the abortions disappear.

Ah, but the ugly truth is aborters want blood and will not be denied.  Wanna bet people will go for public money to sterilization but not abortion?

China's 340 Million Aborted
USA's 60 Million Aborted
Black Teens Abort Twice As Much 
Blacks Abort 55% Of Their Kids
CalPERS Indictments
Judge Stops MO Law Exempting Forced Birth Control Coverage