Caffeine Butt Booster Bummer

Starbuck's dispenses caffeine in a demi, short, tall, grande, venti or trenta sized cup.  The truly degraded get raw beans and inject them dans le cul.

Mike and Trina of St. Petersburg, FL abandoned the Dunk'n Doughnuts morning jolt long ago.  The pair confessed on the My Strange Addiction reality show which focuses on people obsessed with 'putting things in their poop chutes.'

'I love the way it makes me feel,' Trina chortled, 'It gives me a sense of euphoria.'

In the interest of brevity and straining to curb the release of way to much information lets stipulate that these two lunatics are past saving.

The two spend 5-hours a day pouring 2-gallons and more of coffee up their colons.  This after preparing the entry-way with liberal volumes of Vaseline.  Trina catatonically crows she once did 'nine or ten' enemas in a single 24-hour period.

Of course the pair have been warned by family and doctors but it's too late. They have been at this for two years escalating with each passing prominence on the cantankerous commode.

Like all other dangerous, disgusting addictions these derelicts will ultimately be driven to living under a bridge begging for coffee beans and nursing one helluva a case of caffeine-craven delirium tremons.

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