Obama On Mt Rushmore?

Jill Lawrence writes obdurate fodder pieces often slithering, slobbering and effete. 

Doomed to middle age, cat owning, and white-guilt Jill thinks the election of Obama alleviates her and those like her from collective slavery blame  (it's a white liberal thing).

Now Jill has fallen down another hill in her January 13 tome, 'Obama Has Already Cemented His Legacy, Like It or Not.'

Jill says Obama is headed for a carve-out on Mt. Rushmore.  Why?  Well opening the Marine Corp to gays is a history shattering achievement - right?  And Obamacare destroying the US medical system will lead to a utopian universal health care win - right?.

Lawrence likens Obama to Teddy Roosevelt.  Why do left-wing goofs like Lawrence feel this compulsion to link Obama to greats like Abe and Teddy?  Oh yea, because they know Obama cannot stand on his own.  That the truth is quite the opposite.  Obama is NO GREAT LEADER.  And has NO GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT.

Reading Lawrence is like re-sniffing the foul stench wafting from a Nazi propaganda piece.  Obama on Mt. Rushmore is not only not gonna happen, it's technically impossible.  Where ya gonna get black limestone Jill?

The Angle wonders if Jill noticed there are no Democrats on Mt Rushmore?  And that the only presidents ever impeached were both Democrats?  Liberals are a laugh.

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