Mussel Glue Cures Sensitive Teeth

Can't handle ice banging your teeth like a steel ball in a pinball machine?   And Popsicles are a scourge and not a sweet treat?. 

You lost your enamel and now wander the foodmarts like Frodo Baggins carting the 'ring' to Mount Doom.

Help is on the way.

Did you know there are over 70 types of mussels in the world?  Zebra, Blue, Green, Rabbitsfoot, Snuffbox, Horse to name a few.  And each one of these goofy looking doodoo shaped sea creatures fight the ocean currents by 'gluing' their asses to a heavy rock on the bottom.

And it's that mussel butt-oozing glue that may bring new life to stripped down bridgework.   The whole idea is to coat the choppers with a compound that stays stuck-on long enough for the underlying enamel and dentine to rebuild.

Chun Hung Chu, of the University of Hong Kong and a few pals are muscling mussels. No kidding the guys name is Hung Chu. Chu and staff have created a sticky polydopamine material mixed with the minerals calcium and phosphate that may do the trick.

Stay tuned Sensodyne sufferers the magic may soon be stuck to your teeth.

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