Christmas Lights Middle Finger Okay'd

Sarah Childs is pissed at her neighbors in Denham Springs, LA. So this year she decided to rub-it-in in a yuletide way.

Sarah set her outside Christmas lights routinely this year, with one prominent exception. Perched high on her roof aimed carefully at the neighbors was a giant cutout hand with a prominent middle finger raised, a fuck-you emblazoned in colorful lights in a holly-jolly Christmas kind-of-way.

Offended neighbors called the cops. Sarah took the finger lights down and contacted the American Civil Liberties Union.

It seems the city has a hard-on for Sarah. Ms Childs was intimidated and ticketed by the city several times. So she stood in her driveway singing an obscene song of dissent which got her yet another visit from the cops and yet another ticket.

Sarah has prevailed. U.S. District Judge James Brady barred city officials from interfering with the display. The order admonishes the city's “continued efforts” to prevent Childs from displaying her holiday lights as a pointed violation of her rights to free speech and due process.

So now the cops and the city and the neighbors have to 'fuck-off' and leave Sarah to her roof displays and songs.  Sarah has set a precedent all of us are now free to follow now.  Got any shit-head neighbors?