Ringling Bros Spank ASPCA Over Elephants

Extremists infect good organization like the ASPCA and the Humane Society.  Rationalizing malicious acts as 'passion' to 'protect' animals the errant groups got spanked in court today.

The animals went after Ringling Bros and their Asian elephants. Since they couldn't  find proof the circus abuses their pachyderms they 'bribed' a Ringling barn helper $190,000 to say otherwise.

The dung worker, Tom Rider was given the cash to file a lawsuit charging his employer with cruelty. Over time Rider was exposed as "essentially a paid plaintiff" who lacked credibility.

Ringling counter-sued and have today prevailed. The ASPCA and other groups are ordered to pay $9.3 million to compensate Ringling for damage to their reputation and lost revenue. A sum which likely falls far short of the actual harm the rogue organizations have wrought.

The settlement of course contains the boilerplate legal-sleeze 'admitting no guilt.' But it doesn't take a Veterinarian to figure out whose knees are deep in elephant doodee.

Irony bites the left-wingers once again. The crusaders are the perpetrators. Life is a three-ring-circus is it not folks?

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