Artist Places Kneeling Hitler In Warsaw Ghetto

Art is enigmatic.  Sometimes an artist gets the goofy idea shock, anger, disdain, and outrage are a substitute for inspiration.  But it's a lie.

Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan has made the mistake of a lifetime placing a kneeling statue of Hitler in the middle of the Warsaw Ghetto.

First, the idiot is Italian, remember, Italy gave Hitler the inspiration for fascism.  And Italy started the war allied with Hitler fully participating in the massacre of innocent Jews.  Second, Cattelan gives Jew haters worldwide a laugh at a time Jews are once again struggling to be left alone.

Cattelan's actions are hiding behind the mistaken idea that his mediocre effort is 'art' but in reality he is no different than a skinhead or a neo-Nazi in Germany spitting on millions who paid the ultimate price during Hitler's 'final solution.'

The Warsaw ghetto was the largest concentration of Jews waiting for extermination in any city in Europe.  Of the 400,000 walled into the sector 300,000 eventually died either at Treblinka or in subsequent resistance effort by Jews known as the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

There is NO excuse, NO justification, NO reason this greaseball should be allowed to place his ill-conceived figurine anywhere, let alone in the middle of the Warsaw Ghetto.

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