Virgin Test No One Can Beat

Stare at the jar, left.  What do you see?

If you see a naked kneeling bare breasted woman being grabbed from behind by a larger male with hands cupping the well endowed maid, then you are NOT a virgin.   Or at least you have been peering at porn for too long.

If you see seven bottle-nosed dolphins swimming head-up and head-down with the tail of one forming the shadow of a hoo hoo spot on the female, then you are a 40-year-old virgin.

Or possibly a child too young to be reading this blog.

The test is irrefutable. Once you have crossed the carnal chasm your brain is forever funk-a-fide.  The imprint of naked women irreversibly stamped on your cerebral cortex like a hot brand on a cow's ass.

Go ahead, peek again.  The more you stare the larger the boobs get, right?  Pervert.

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