Unions Demand Obama Payback

Surprise!  The reelection of Obama was not about rewarding a good record...no, no..

Over half the country is on some kind of government handout, and another large chunk are working for the various state and federal governments at pay rates and benefits far exceeding the taxpayers in the private sector that keep them in beans.


Obama was reelected by this majority - the people INSIDE the wagon.  And now that the big tax hikes and spending cuts are looming on January 1st the scramble inside the wagon is on.

The Federal-Postal Coalition fronting over two dozen federal employee unions demand to escape cuts in any deal related to the "fiscal cliff."  Notice unions are striking all over the place now.  It's a laugh really, they are emboldened in a dead economy because their Messiah got back in of course.

Since the election the unions have killed the Twinkie and want to do the same to holiday travelers and ports in California.

Once again the taxpayers and the private sector middle class are the target.  But hey, Obama won, and now the cronies get their cake to eat and spit in the face of America once again.

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