Arachnophobia? Eat A Tarantula...

Arachnophobia is fear of spiders. At least 50% of women and 10% of men are certified spider sissies.

Spiders are everywhere, even in your pocket right now. 

Grown adults scream, cry, wheeze, skip heartbeats and even rabbit in the presence of an 8-legged lurker.  Spiders are ALL poisonous - the only difference is the length and strength of their fangs.  Most cannot penetrate human skin.

Cake-maker Cecilia Chalmers, who is also afraid of spiders, was commissioned to make a fuzzy 7-inch cake topping tarantula. The customer, also afraid of spiders, paid $100 bucks for the month long effort. 

When the creature was unveiled in a room full of Halloween party goers the mass reaction was predictable. And even after told the thing was a lump of sugar and special glue, no one would touch or go near it. Especially not the fully rigid elderly lady laying prone next to her wheelchair.

Take another look at the crawler. Ah ha! You're one of the skeerdy cats too, huh...