Dog Days Of Halloween

Okay.  You didn't win life's lottery and showed up on Earth punished as a poodle.  Some schmuck picked you out of a littler of ten other poodle losers and took you home.  At first it looked good.

You settled in chomping tooth-shattering dry lardy brown food they assumed you'd like.  And you took regular dumps on the lawn as trained.  You had it made.  Then it happened.

Halloween. And your owners needed a laugh.  The idea was to stretch a tutu and frilly headgear over your head.  That's when your identity crises began.

But hey your a poodle not a politician.  Could be worse, the neighbor has a chihuahua dressed up like a hobbit.

Like last year the kids will come from all corners of neighborhood incessantly ringing the doorbell looking for free candy far into the night.  Your acute dog hearing becomes your enemy.   Just about every kid you thought you knew from the neighborhood makes you push out a little pee each time the door opens.  There stands little zombies, lurching and laughing at you?

The truth? Adults need Halloween more than the kids do.   Reinventing pets and kids in freakish fashion and frightful foolishness never really gets old.  Even when you escape the humiliation yourself.

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