Half Ton Woman Confesses To Murder

The news world goes to sleep on weekends but the corpulent never catnap.

Last March 2008, Mayra Rosales, 31, told the cops she had killed her 2-year-old nephew by accidentally rolling over and smothering him.  Given Mayra is primarily made up of giant-big rolls of porcine pudge-fudge her account of events seemed to fit.

Fine, the cops had their whale but wait, anyone got a pair of handcuffs big enough for an elephant leg?  Mayra was far to large to be cuffed, set in a patrol car or van, and placed in a cell.

In fact, Marya had long been confined to her bed because her legs and arms are too large to lift.

Soon after her trial began the autopsy on the boy came back. Cause of death - blunt-force trauma to the head.  Marya's lawyer smelled a jelly-roll.  How could Mayra whack the kid in the head when she couldn't raise her arms?  Oh yea, she didn't do it.

Mayra eventually confessed she had invented the story to protect her sister Jaime, who had allegedly struck the boy with a hairbrush on the day Marya told the cops she was the perp.   Mayra was trying to protect her sister.

Today Mayra's sister is in jail.  Mayra is in a hospital for the morbidly obese.  And the system is proven  once again to be brain-dead enough to waste the taxpayers dime on an absurdity that boggles even the most mundane of minds.