50% Cut In KFC Profits Due To Obamacare

For over a year the impact of Obamacare on real businesses has been speculated. Now the numbers are coming in and the picture is not pretty.  Obamacare is both a company and jobs killer - on a massive scale.

Atlanta Kentucky Fried Chicken franchiser David Barr thought Obamacare was a good idea until he crunched the numbers. Bottom line?

Slash employee hours to make them ineligible for company-paid health care or stop the company-paid benefit entirely and pay a $2,000 per worker fine.

Barr has 421 employees, 109 full-time. Before Obamacare his health care costs were $129k per year. Calculating what he will be forced to pay if Obamacare is not repealed the cost jumps to $444k. That increase is just over 50% of his current profit. If he opts for the penalty and leaves his employees to fend for themselves his increased cost is a 'mere' $30k.

Barr says firing workers and getting more automation into his business is required.  A lose-lose deal for him and his employees.

The revelation KFC franchisees face is the same for all similar businesses.  Still need a reason to fire Obama?  If you are in the 50% of the country clinging to life siphoning government cheese your answer would be - no.  But if you are still stupidly trying to 'work' for a living, well, your answer is obvious.

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