Muslims Enlisting Arab Gays For Butt Bombs

Islam condemns Jews, Christians, Gays and Gals.  So when a cleric on British Shia Muslim Fadak-TV issued a 'fatwa' instructing gays to insert butt-bombs in the name of Allah a 'loop-hole' must have been found in the Quran.

The fatwa still doesn't let gays get on their knees five-times a day to face Mecca. But the edict nicely makes room for gay's to 'serve' in their special way.

The cleric noted, “sodomy is forbidden, and not permitted, but jihad takes priority because it makes Islam dominant. And if the dominance of Islam cannot be achieved except through sodomy, then it is OK.”

Wow.  Now that's a and end-run even liberals can admire.

When issuing the merry bombers fatwa the cleric referred to a Yemeni al-Qaida terrorist named Ibrahim al-Asiri who aided his younger brother Abdullah insert a grenade between his ass-cheeks in 2009.  The suicide bombing attempt on the.Saudi Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdul-Aziz. was the prize.  Abdullah's ass ended up all over the walls but only slightly injured the Saudi Prince.  

Come out, come out all ye gay Arab men from behind your camels - you gotta a job to do for Allah finally!

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