Science Says Who Stinks Most

The myth that old people stink or that their homes are musty and 'old smelling' has been demolished in a new study.

Scientists say humans select romantic partners by smell. And can distinguish men from women using their noses. So some thought there must be a distinct aroma associated with senior citizens too.

The aromatic work was done by a Swedish neuropsycholigist.

In the lab, researchers got 41 people between the ages of 20 and 95 to spend five nights sleeping in T-shirts with nursing pads sewn into their armpits. After careful handling of the pads to prevent bacterial contamination, the nasty items where cut up, placed in jars, and submitted to a panel of sniffers.

Asked to rate the intensity of stink the odor of the 75-to-95-year-olds was judged to be less intense and more pleasant than the harsh-rank-caustic stench from the young and middle-aged adults. The most unpleasant odor came from 45-to-55-year-old men.

On the whole, men generally smelled worse than women. One volunteer was put off their food for a week after taking a big whiff of one of the 50 year-old-guys.
The researchers attributed the effect to a hormone change as humans age, the older you get, the thinner the hormones, and thus, the better you start to smell.

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