Pit Bull Kills Toddler Neighbor Shoots Dog Owner

Pit Bulls are viscous and unstoppable. Though less than 2% of the dog population they account for 35% of dog-to-human fatalities.

In the USA a Pit Bull kills a human being every 22 days.

Originally bred in England to act as 'bear-bait', Pit Bulls ran down, fought and cornered bears so a hunter could kill the bear.

Pit Bulls have been selectively bred and 'hard wired'  to viciously attack prey with an overly developed bone crushing-muscular jaw set.

Want proof?  In Las Cruces, NM a 16-month-old girl was savaged by her grandparent's 'pet' Pit Bull.  Hearing the attack a neighbor tried to stop the animal by firing a .45cal round into the dog but hit the grandmother instead.

Both the toddler and the grandmother were rushed to the hospital and despite heroic effort the child's wounds were too severe, and she died. The neighbor, meantime, finally shot the menacing animal and killing it instantly.

Why do people insist on owning and defending these animals?   Blaming owners and kids is malicious, yet that's Pit Bull owners do.  At what point will the public wise-up and demand that these animals be banned and removed from American soil?  How many kids need to die before the deniers are shouted down?  Time will tell.

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