Mohawk Meth Addict Shot By Neighbor

Do you need a good reason not to get a red Mohawk haircut?

Derrill Rockwell, 49, told police he used his .22-caliber rifle to fire at 'the red bird' he was sure had been attacking his cats. The idea was to scare only, not to kill. After firing the shot Derrill noticed the plume of the bird did not fly off, something weird was happening.

That's when the moaning started. Running to the spot Derrill quickly saw he had shot a 23-year-old woman. A blood-trail grazing mark easy to spot on her head.  The Mohawk haircut looked exactly like the pesky bird.

Police told the judge the woman passed out from alcohol before being shot. Police also found a bag of methamphetamine nearby.

Rockwell got five-years probation after pleading guilty to possession of a weapon by a felon. Apparently Derrill was not supposed to have a gun.

"In 15 years in law enforcement, this was one of the more interesting cases I’ve worked," Grand Junction, CO detective Sean Crocker told the judge.

Interesting? The story is a lesson to all the 'Occupy' weenies, and other screwball 'new agers' who think these sporty haircuts are cool. Get the hardware and food coloring off your body kids, this could happen to you.