Photography: Women As Animals

Seven-hours and four days posing next to dangerous cheetahs while the wildlife photographer Lennette Newell gets her prize picture, a nameless model cheats death in the name of 'art'.

Well, it's novel, painting people to look like animals, not in a Halloweenee cheezie kind of way.  We are talking precisely, perfectly, dead-on-balls; people equal animals in a snapshot 'fooled ya' moment.

Ms Newell said: 'I wanted to show humans and their animal brothers in a new light that we maybe hadn't been seen before.' Animal brothers? Looks are deceiving, but hot news flash, cheetahs, elephants, baboons, and pythons are not 'our brothers'. Why do some people keep trying to 'be' their pets?

Get this, the biggest problem Ms Newell thought she had was making sure the 'animals' were treated humanely. Classic. Screw the humans just make sure the animals get lunch on time.

Well, in many ways humans are more cruel, more irrational and blood-thirsty than the 'animals' we share the planet with, but so what? Maybe cheetahs and chimps would rather have the house payments, and deal with the ravages of a confused urban life.  Ms Newell is an arteeeest she doesn't bother with a loft payment.