Oxford University: Wars Due To Testosterone

In a brand new 'reach' to explain the enigma of mankind's constant warmaking Prof. Mark van Vugt of Oxford University asserts testosterone is the cause.

The professor says women get a pass because they resolve conflict peacefully.. One does have to wonder why Hitler and Stalin seemed pretty uninterested in sex, or women. And why Catherine the Great turned to horses when she ran out of men.

The professor goes on to draw parallels with monkeys. 'We see similar behavior in chimpanzees,' said Prof van Vugt.

Has anyone seen a monkey shooting anyone? And how about all those gays and women in the military?

Frankly, most human males are just trying to feed a family, and stay out of trouble. War isn't the result of testosterone, its the result of psychopathic males and females abusing power. If Mark has questions, just contact the Angle, our answers are just as boring as the ones he's dreaming up.