DC Woman Jailed Hustling Rump Implants

Here we go again...vanity is one of the Cardinal Sins, and for good reason, it oft leads to disfigurement, and even death.

Witness ass-vanity.  Silicone is injected into the body - especially in the gluteus maximus.  Even silicone appliances implanted in the butt-cheeks are ill-advised.

The injection process is dangerous and illegal in the USA.  Desperate, dimwitted women seeking quacks to deploy the substance in their rears, despite the risks, and despite the legality issues sorta reap what they sew.

DON'T DO IT..Incidentally.

Silicone is not silicon, silicone is a man-made gel, silicon is found in nature and used to grow crystalline wafers to make electronic chips.  Most mispronounce San Jose's silicon valley as silicone valley, when you hear that, correct them immediately, Silicon Valley is not Silicone Valley.

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