CA Pension Turmoil Pits Brown Against Unions

Brown is out with his plan to move new CA state workers to a system where a 401(k) is central. State employees hired after the plan takes effect would be eligible for full retirement at 67, instead of 60. Brown wants current employees to contribute at least half of the cost of their pension benefits.

“We know there are some problems,” Joshua Pechthalt, president of the California Federation of Teachers said. “But it worries me that (Brown’s plan) feeds into what I see as an effort to scapegoat public sector employees for the economic problems we did not create.".

Pechthalt’s union is crafting a ballot measure to levy a millionaires tax on residents earning at least $500,000. How is half a million a million? Never mind.

Unions are going to fight Brown. Brown is shockingly proposing a fair way to go after CA's serious budget shortfalls even in the face of the record taxes the state already levies on residents.

Pechthalt is not atypical of how a union goof thinks, his first assumption is that cuts to union pensions are somehow linked to "fault" over the wrecked economy! Well, if there is fault to be found, look no further than the unions, the Democrats and their other welfare program, the Fannie Subprime Housing bubble.

Even more disturbing is how unions are a big part of ugly class-warfare Obama is waging, and the Occupy goofs are parroting...the notion that the "Zionist Wall Street bankers" crashed the economy that now leads to the "conspiracy" to cut the "living wage" and by extension retirement benefits for unions.

Hitler's assertion was that Germany's economic problems during the depression were to be laid at the feet of the wealthy, who were also supposed to be mostly "Jews".

Is it shocking  to see rumblings of antisemitism in this rail?  When you hear Michael Moore, or an Occupy vagrant utter the code word "Zionist", substitute Hitler's "Jews" and you see the picture.