Union Thug Shoots Company Owner

King Electrical Services owner John King was shot by a suspect from one of the unions who have targeted his workers.

King has put up with union-related violence for a long time, now its attempted murder. The gunman etched the word “SCAB” into the side of King’s SUV.

“Since he’s been in business, in addition to the legal battles and verbal abuse, King’s company has been vandalized...numerous occasions,” notes local authorities.

The Wisconsin union fiasco has ended with unions losing their quest to unseat the GOP majority, and to stop the rational cutback in their extortion practices.  Obama has also propped up the unions, the entire GM taxpayer losses are directly tied to graft by the UAW.  Unions are a large part of the problem, and until they are  either controlled, cut-back, or eliminated, the US will not be competitive, and businesses owners like John King will be harassed, run out of business, or even murdered.