ACLU Sues To Block Sex Offender's Evictions

The Delaware ACLU filed court papers to block the state from evicting child sex offenders who live in a half-way house next to a new day care center..

Kathleen MacRae, of the ACLU said pending eviction of the sex offenders seems “very unfair and very rushed by the city."

Smells like the time the ACLU defended NAMBLA.  The despicable organization that celebrates child molesting.

Does Kathy have kids?  Child molesters never repay their debt, never rehabilitate or get better - the child victims carry their scars to their graves, did you know that Kathy?  The Angle bets not.  While Kathy is misplacing her moral outrage, her moral compass is stuck on stupid.

Maybe we should sue to keep ACLU from filing any more law suits...