Texas Woman Fired For Gray Hair

Sandra Rawline, a 52-year-old branch manager at Capital Title of Texas, has been fired from her job because of her gray hair.

Rawline's boss informed her that the company’s headquarters would be moving to a more upscale neighborhood, so she’d need to start wearing “younger fancy suits” and jewelry.

Rawline, who’s had gray hair since she was in her 20s had gray hair when hired. When Rawline refused to change her appearance she was fired.

Capital Title of Texas says Rawline’s only client complained about her hair. “Since the customer refused to work with her any longer, there would be no job left for her,” the company concluded.

Company CEO, Bill Shaddock, has gray hair himself, and called the allegations of age discrimination “preposterous.”

Okay, how about Bill fire himself, and let this woman keep her job?

This story is important given the gruesome job market.  A job market tough for everyone, but especially tough when discrimination rears its ugly head.  There is a clear trend to turnover the more expensive, more experienced middle-aged workers for the cheaper, younger, "fresher" youthful ones.  What are 50 somethings supposed to do now?  Age discrimination is the new Jim Crow.