Sheila Jackson Lee: Debt Fight Because Obama Is Black

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) on Friday said members of Congress are blocking Obama from raising the debt ceiling because of his race.

"I am particularly sensitive to the fact that only this president — only this one, only this one — has received the kind of attacks and disagreement and inability to work, only this one," said Jackson Lee from the House floor.

Odd, the Democrats, Obama and Sheila included refused to vote for a debt ceiling hike in 2006 when they controlled congress - short memory Sheila?

Remember Sheila Jackson Lee?  She is the black caucus member recently accused of staff abuse, a foul-mouthed, ogre of a boss...The Houston Democrat addressed one of her employees as “you stupid motherfucker.” And not just once, but “constantly,” recalls the staffer, “like, all the time.”

Anyone else tired of the race card?  Anyone else tired of Sheila Jackson Lee?  Anyone else tired of Obama's incompetence?  Tiring, tiring, tiring...

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