MADD - Mutually Assured Debt Destruction

John Boehner, House Speaker, and Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader are in their corners, with Obama standing nearby with his arms crossed - cooking up debt plans.

The phrase "government shutdown' is a scare tactic the Democrats use readily - and Obama has added the extra fun tactic of scaring seniors and threatening their social security checks.

What will be the effect of not raising the debt ceiling by August 2nd?  What happens when the S&P and Moody's cut the US credit rating?

When the US credit rating is downgraded, the cost of the debt will go up, and the debt itself is continuing to rise at a brisk clip of over $4.2 Billion per day, that is 2.5 new space shuttles each day!

The Democrats crashed the economy with their reckless housing bubble in 2007.  Remember, housing is already in a depression, the rest is just a matter of staying Obama's current course.

Refreshing our memory, the Democrats lost in the last midterm due to their reckless, and malicious spending.  And their choice to concentrate on crafting a giant, destructive Obamacare fiasco, instead of working on the economy.

The Tea Party is being attacked by both Democrats and the RINO GOP, like McCain.  The Tea Party won the midterms on a cut taxes and spending mantra.  The DC crowd is resisting, in BOTH mainstream parties.  In the end, the US itself is at stake.

The final answer still lies with the voters, will they side with the GOP? Or the Democrats?  Remember, the gorilla in the room are the historically record deficits of nearly $2 trillion, and the unmanageable, and country killing debt of over $14.6 trillion.  At the current rate of spending, Obama will leave office in 2012 with over $18 Trillion in debt, and a full blown, and deeply embedded economic depression in play.

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