Man Tries To Fry Wife In Homemade Electric Chair

A jilted husband built a homemade electric chair in his garage. Apparently when his wife demanded a divorce he got the shocking idea.

Andrew Castle, 61, hooked up an aluminum lawn chair to the house-main power panel.

Andy called his wife to sit in the chair to have a 'little chat' about the divorce.  Just as she sat down Andy jumped on her and tried to knock her her out using a blackjack. But before he could throw the switch, Margaret, 61, managed to escape.  

Maggie flagged down a car and got to the local hospital where she summoned the cops.

The cops went to the house and found a metal chair hooked to an electric cable leading to a 13 amp breaker.  Had Andrew been able switch the chair on, the amperage would have been enough to cook her like a chicken on a rotisserie.

Andy later admitted to attempted murder and received a ten-year jail sentence.

If you're planning a divorce, make sure to have an escape route.  The alternative is just not acceptable..