Giant George Is World's Tallest Dog

George the Great Dane is 7 feet long and weighs 252 pounds. That makes him the world's tallest dog.

George didn't start out big, but it didn't take long to see where he was going. Sharing a bed with the owners became impossible, so now George has his own queen sized doggie mattress elsewhere in the house.

George hates to take walks.  Small dogs yapping below him confuse and freak him out.

When George reached doggie puberty, he started to hump the furniture. After several chairs and tables had to be replaced, the big boy had to have his dog-hood snipped.

George's food tab? A mere 100 pounds of dry dog food every month.  And a hundred pounds of poop to clean up.

George is a big, lovable giant and now he's immortalized - just don't let him lift a leg on you.  It might hit you in the head.