TSA Scanner Cancer Scare

Scientists are challenging TSA assertions about the safety of full-body X-ray scanners. TSA evidence is unreliable and most should question why the government won’t make the scanners available for independent testing (ProPublica).

A letter written by John Sedat, a professor emeritus in biophysics at UCSF and signed by five professors at University of California, San Francisco, and Arizona State University has been sent to the White House asking for answers.  So far, no response.

Prof. Sedat says, "There's no real data on these machines, and in fact, the best guess of the dose is much, much higher than certainly what the public thinks.”

TSA told Congress providing their test results would expose sensitive information.  Like what?  That the scanners are dangerous? Or that the scanners are irradiating the public and TSA workers?

Why no scanners in Israel or the EU?.  Planes fly in those places too.

The stink is pretty strong.  An Obama agency led by Janet Napolitano refusing to allow independent testing?  Women and kids? The elderly, you and me?  Hints of the government syphilis experiments, and the top ten evil government experiments come to mind.

The alternative to refusing the questionable scanners is to be molested by the TSA!

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