Holder DOJ Cutting Crack Felons Loose

Last year, the US Sentencing Commission amended its guidelines to reduce sentences for crack offenses.

Today, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said the Obama administration wants to lower crack sentences now and retroactively.

Such a move would mean reduced sentences for more than 12,000 felons currently serving time for crack-cocaine violations.  The implication are obvious, 90% of crack dealers and addicts are black hence the emphasis on crack-cocaine violators. 

The trend in Holder's DOJ is pretty clear...civil rights crimes are not being pursued if they involve discrimination against non-blacks.  Now the release of primarily black offenders for drugs will feed the already growing unrest in the inner-cities.

The economy is near depression levels.  Blacks are most impacted by Obama's failure to make private sector jobs, and are en masse on government assisted programs soon to be cut or defunded, like Food Stamps, and Section-8 housing.

Crime is down nationwide, but up in the eight largest cities where blacks and Hispanics dominate the population.  The mix of idleness, drugs, fresh convicts, poverty, and gangs will produce new violence and increased crime this summer.