Nevada Teacher Tenure On The Block

A proposal by Nevada GOP Gov. Brian Sandoval that teacher evaluations be based at least 50 percent on student achievement data has advanced to the state Senate floor.

The measures to extend a mandatory probationary period for new teachers to three years and send teachers back to probation if they receive unsatisfactory evaluations two consecutive years are among the first measures in the nation to try and correct the abuse of Union Teacher Tenure.

Nevada has some of the worst performing schools in the nation.  The legislature is controlled by Democrats, so any real reform is likely doomed before it gets much further than the Senate vote.

The US public schools are tightly under the control of Teachers Unions, and it shows.  The US spends more per capita than any other country in the world, yet the Science and Math core subject scores are near the bottom of world achievement.  Unions blame parents, and funding.

The truth is much more grim, US public schools do not fare well compared to private schools, using non union teaching staffs, and much less funding per student.  The proof lies right there.  Countless examples of Unions protecting incompetent teachers, and when layoffs come, forcing the oldest, less current and competent teachers to remain sacrificing the new talent.

Until the debate centers on the corrosive, and failed track record of public schools dominated by Teachers Unions, like the AFT...there will be no improvement in public schools...the victims of course are students and taxpayers.  And Unions are always in the center of blocking progress.